Family History

Family History Interviews
Capture and preserve your unique family history and stories. Your relatives, especially the elderly, tell many stories and hold much of your family’s history. It’s easy to assume these stories will always be there – for you, for your children. But.. people often people do not take the steps to capture these invaluable family treasures. And then, it’s too late… The stories and family histories are lost, perhaps forever. Contact us today to ensure you preserve your family’s history.

Other Family History Services
• Interviews of elderly relatives to capture, preserve and share your family’s history – audio recording (basic package: $700)
• Interviews of children, or people of any age. Capture “who they are” at a point in time – audio recording. In 10 years, look back on your children, hear their voices and thoughts. Understand who they were – picture them.
• Video montages, slideshows. This is the perfect gift for any occasion: birthdays, milestone anniversaries, Mother’s Day. Perfect for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and more (basic package: $400)
• Family slide shows for elderly relatives – for their enjoyment, and in some cases, to stimulate their memories – Include pictures, video, memories from all parts of their lives.

Family history interviews (oral history) and other services, are a perfect complement to ancestry research. In person interviews conducted in the tri-state area, including New York and New Jersey. Arrangements can be made for interviews in other locations.

Our Approach
For all our services, our aim is to make the entire experience enjoyable and stress free for all involved. For our interviews, we work with you in advance to ensure that the interview captures the information that is most important to you. All questions are vetted with clients in advance. Then, we carefully edit the interview, so the final product is a highly professional interview that you can share today, and with future generations. We provide the interview as a file and as an archive quality DVD.