Photo Management

Photos tell the stories of our lives.  They are our memories and our history.  They are among our most prized possessions.  Most people have thousands of photos, both printed and digital.  These pictures are often scattered and disorganized.   Digital photos may be located on many devices – computers, iPads, phones – and hard to find. Manage and organize your photos.

Picturing Life helps you:
Enjoy and share your photos and memories because they are readily available.
Relax with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your precious photos are safe and available at your fingertips.
Preserve your family’s legacy – Share with your family today, and with future generations.
Reduce stress – organizing your photos brings additional order and control to your life.

Digital Photo Services
• Locate, consolidate, and organize digital photos from different devices, including: computers, phones, ipads, so they are readily accessible.
• Back-up digital photos – for added protection.
• Set-up methods for ongoing back-up.
• Custom recommendations for software and tools based on the client’s unique goals and situation.
• Create photo albums from digital photos.  Albums may be printed or digital.
• Train and educate on: photo organization, back-up methods and technology so you can implement and maintain photo management processes on your own.

Printed Photos, 35mm Slides, Older Video Formats
• Organize, sort photos so they are readily accessible.
• Digitize printed photos for sharing and back-up.
• Digitize 35mm slides.
• Bring old 35mm slides and photos to life through slide shows.
• Create “life story” photo albums – digital and printed.
• Digitize older video formats.